Yolanda’s (Haiyan) Ground Zero IN VR

It’s been nearly six years since Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) tore through portions of the country.

However, thousands of survivors are still waiting for government shelters to be completed.

In Tacloban City, a community of displaced residents built back houses from the rubble on the coastal village of 69-Anibong that government declared a hazard zone for tsunamis and storm surges.

It’s the same place that bore the brunt of Yolanda, battered by giant storm surges that washed cargo ships inland and killed dozens.

More than half a decade after the catastrophic typhoon, people continue to live in that coastal community…

Living in constant danger.
Awaiting another Yolanda.

This is #YolandaRetold 2019. An interactive Virtual Reality tour into Yolanda’s ground zero.

What is it like to live in a hazard zone for tsunamis and storm surges?

We will bring you there.

Within seconds. In one click.

Next exhibit will open at De La Salle University Taft on November 18.

Its first leg ran from November 9 to 14 at Glorietta 4, Makati City.


VIEWING IN 360° (using a mouse or touchscreen)

1. Click to open your chosen VR/interactive 360° link on your device.

2. Click on ‘Enter 360° mode’ and begin your 360° experience.

3. To move around:

  1. Using mouse: Left click and hold your mouse to grab the screen and swivel around. The 360° image will move as you drag it.
  2. Using touchscreen: Swipe the screen left and/or right to move around. The 360° image will move as you drag it.

4. To trigger a marker:

  1. Markers reveal educational information or teleport you to the next scene. Use your mouse to click on the marker to trigger it.
  2. Alternatively tap on the marker if you are using touchscreen.

5. To close a marker pop up box, click on ‘X’ which is on the top right corner of the box.


VIEWING IN VR (using goggles or Dermalogica cardboard sets)

For the best VR experience, we recommend you to:

  • Increase your phone’s screen brightness.
  • Clean your screen.
  • Wear headphones and increase to a desirable volume.
  • Open the VR project in either Google Chrome or Safari browser.

Phone requirements for Dermalogica VR Cardboard:

  • Phone screen size should be 4.7 – 6.4 inches.
  • If you are using Safari browser on iPhone, in the settings please turn on the Motion & Orientation Access under Privacy & Security.

1. Copy and paste (via SMS, email, or type in URL) the Dermalogica Phyto Nature Launchpad VR/360° link and open it on your device. Another way is to scan the QR code from the Dermalogica VR cardboard sleeve using the IOS camera or download a QR scanner app for Android phones.

2.To enter VR mode:

  1. Tap on ‘Enter VR Mode’, now you can view the project in VR mode. If you are in 360° mode, tap on the goggle headset icon at the bottom of the screen to enter VR mode.

3. Place your device into the Dermalogica VR Cardboard. Hold tight as you place it up onto your face. Turn in all directions to fully experience the VR/360° project

4. There is a small dot in the centre of your screen. This dot will act as your mouse, gaze and position the dot on a marker to trigger it. Wait for a couple seconds for the marker to load, then the markers will reveal educational information or teleport you to the next scene.

5. Look away from the marker to close a marker’s pop up box.



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